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8. Birth of the King (birth of Yeshua)

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7. Path to Freedom (The Exodus)



  • 8. Birth of the King (birth of Yeshua)

    King Herod is troubled, and all of Jerusalem with him. Who is this child born the King of the Judeans? Wise Men from the East arrive to pay homage to Yeshua, the newborn Messiah. But the night they arrive is like no other… Warned by Yah not to return to the jealous king, they flee back to Parthia...

  • 9. Sold into Slavery (Joseph)

    When the great Hebrew chieftain Jacob gives his favorite son Joseph a beautiful coat, his ten older brothers are filled with jealousy. They come up with a wicked plan and sell him into slavery, telling their father that Joseph is dead. Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined their ...

  • 10. Saved by a Donkey (Balaam's donkey)

    After forty years in the desert, the twelve tribes of Israel near the land of Canaan and camp on the plains of Moab. The king of Moab stares at the Israelites and trembles with fear. Afraid they may conquer his kingdom, he sends messengers to Mesopotamia offering the prophet Balaam lots of money ...