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6. Samson Mighty Warrior

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5. The Great Flood (Noah's Ark)



  • 6. Samson Mighty Warrior

    When the Israelites began disobeying Yah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, He was not pleased. He decided to punish the Israelites by sending the fearsome Philistines to oppress them. But Yah still loved the people of Israel. And He had a plan to save them. That plan included a boy named Sam...

  • 7. Path to Freedom (The Exodus)

    Freed from Pharaoh’s reign in Egypt, Moses leads His people into the desert to learn Yah’s Ways. The journey is tough. With the waters of the Red Sea in front and the Egyptians behind them, nearly all hope is gone. But Yah is in control. His plan for His people will triumph! Raging seas, fearsome...

  • 8. Birth of the King (birth of Yeshua)

    King Herod is troubled, and all of Jerusalem with him. Who is this child born the King of the Judeans? Wise Men from the East arrive to pay homage to Yeshua, the newborn Messiah. But the night they arrive is like no other… Warned by Yah not to return to the jealous king, they flee back to Parthia...