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4. Shipwrecked! (Paul's shipwreck)

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3. Facing the Giant (David vs Goliath)



  • 4. Shipwrecked! (Paul's shipwreck)

    The religious leaders in Jerusalem trembled with fury. The apostle Paul (Sha’ul) used to be one of them. But since he returned from Damascus, Paul had changed. He now taught that Yeshua was the Messiah. “Paul is teaching lies,” said the religious leaders. “We must stop him!” Thrown into prison, P...

  • 5. The Great Flood (Noah's Ark)

    If Yah told you to build a massive Ark, would you build it? Well, Noah listened to Yah and built the biggest boat in the world. Even though he didn’t understand what Yah had planned, Noah had faith that He would keep His promise and preserve him and his family through the flood. Join Noah and tho...

  • 6. Samson Mighty Warrior

    When the Israelites began disobeying Yah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, He was not pleased. He decided to punish the Israelites by sending the fearsome Philistines to oppress them. But Yah still loved the people of Israel. And He had a plan to save them. That plan included a boy named Sam...