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2. Swallowed by a Fish (Jonah)

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1. Escape from Egypt (Moses and the Ten Plagues)



  • 2. Swallowed by a Fish (Jonah)

    When Yah speaks, you better listen. But the Prophet Jonah tries to do what can’t be done – run from Yah. After a violent storm nearly sinks the ship, the runaway prophet realizes there’s no escaping the voice of the One who made him. Jonah is swallowed by a monstrous fish and trapped inside its d...

  • 3. Facing the Giant (David vs Goliath)

    War rages between the people of Israel and the Philistines. For forty days, the Philistines most feared warrior – a brutish giant named Goliath – mocks the Israelites from across a valley, challenging them to a fight. No one dare respond. Out of nowhere, a young shepherd named David volunteers to...

  • 4. Shipwrecked! (Paul's shipwreck)

    The religious leaders in Jerusalem trembled with fury. The apostle Paul (Sha’ul) used to be one of them. But since he returned from Damascus, Paul had changed. He now taught that Yeshua was the Messiah. “Paul is teaching lies,” said the religious leaders. “We must stop him!” Thrown into prison, P...