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11. Thrown to the Lions (Daniel)

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10. Saved by a Donkey (Balaam's donkey)



  • 11. Thrown to the Lions (Daniel)

    Despite the prophet Jeremiah’s warnings, the Hebrew people continue to disobey Yah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Yah is not pleased. He allows their enemies, the fearsome Babylonians, to destroy Jerusalem and take many Hebrews back to Babylon. In captivity, Daniel finds favor with King D...

  • 12. Solomon The Temple Builder

    At a time when kings ruled the land of Israel, there lived a wise king named Solomon. He ruled over many nations. He was the greatest king in the world. With his wealth, he built a magnificent temple to Yah and a palace for himself in Jerusalem. But Solomon began to worship idols. And Yah was not...

  • 13. The Risen King

    The religious leaders in Jerusalem rubbed their hands together, and smiled. Their plan to have Yeshua put to death has worked. This famous teacher from the Galilee will soon be gone! But...little do they know they are part of Yah's amazing plan to save His people Israel. The Messiah would soon ri...